Vinyl Flooring Ideas

October 06, 2020 5 min read

Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Safe and easy to maintain, vinyl flooring is both slip resistant and practical, making it the ideal surface for your dream home or commercial space. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make the most of this versatile surface, read on for 8 vinyl flooring ideas. Vinyl flooring is low maintenance, while also looking stunning in your home. Our premium range is extensive and never compromises on style. Be inspired by these fabulous vinyl flooring ideas and build your dream interior.

Install Pure Oyster Chic

Combine incredibly tough vinyl flooring with modern decor for an elegantly refined living space. This flooring goes fantastically with neutral browns; then, add a splash of colour to liven up the room. Our Plusfloor Pure Oyster product provides a modern and light finish to a minimalist contemporary space. What’s more, this surface is versatile; it works excellently in commercial areas, because it stands up to heavy traffic. Plus, it has a luxury and rigid finish, giving rise to a floor which is both hard-wearing and elegant. Manufactured with a register embossed, ‘truegrain’ lacquer, this floor gives you the best of both worlds: a durable, yet beautiful, floor. Pure Oyster PLF4260 Click Lock Vinyl Plank


Go for a White Washed Finish

A whitewashed finish is the gold-standard in modern home design. The best thing about this flooring is that is it easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces alike. Another huge bonus is its neutrality. Put furniture of almost any colour in the room and it won’t look out of place. White washed vinyl floors look plush and elegant, but this surface is also incredibly practical. Use this very light, natural-looking oak-look vinyl plank to spruce up your home, and to give it the makeover it needs. This truly unique product ensures a natural wooden floor appearance, with unrivalled durability that wood can’t offer. Surprisingly realistic, whitewashed vinyl flooring brings any interior to life. White Washed PLF4250 Luxury Vinyl


Imbue your Dwelling with French Loft Elegance

Bring modern and luxurious design to your home. Inspired by French chic and a bit of je ne sais quoi, this surface is the ideal way to make your living space sing. If you’re after a natural-looking lighter oak floor with uncompromising durability, this French Loft floor is the ideal solution for you. Combine it with white furniture, modern fittings and deluxe units for an interior that will wow your guests. One of the most notable things about this floor, aside from its obvious aesthetic appeal, is its unrivalled durability. This floor will far outlast a wooden floor, due to its hard-wearing qualities. It is perfect for those who want a real wooden floor, but require the outstanding resilience of a commercial grade rigid vinyl floor. French Loft PLF4254 


Use Pastel Blanc to Refine your Home

Pastel Blanc vinyl flooring is the next best thing to a genuine hardwood floor. It has the appearance of a natural oak floor, but the durability of a commercial grade vinyl floor. Bursting with character, the faux knots and colour variation in this product is bound to be the highlight of your interior. Combine this floor with neutral browns, suave fittings and plush units for a space that is modern and desirable. This floor is incredibly versatile. You can use it in office spaces, kitchens, bathroom and living rooms alike. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, as well as being able to outlast any traditional wooden floor. Pastel Blanc PLF4252


Light up the Room with Bronzed Urbane

This floor truly justifies the name ‘Plusfloor’; it has more plus-points than any other product on the market. Namely, this floor’s properties make it look at home in any interior, from bedrooms to office spaces. It is also exceedingly durable and comes the registered embossed, ‘truegrain’ lacquer, giving the floor the lacquered finish you would get from a real wood floor. If you are looking for a sophisticated living or commercial space, but without the hassle of high-maintenance wood flooring, this Bronzed Urbane vinyl flooring is the ideal solution for you. It is unbelievably easy to clean and upkeep, while providing unparalleled durability for a floor that outlasts any real wood floor. Bronzed Urbane PLF4258


Bring Your Abode to Life with Warm Hessian

The Plusfloor Warm Hessian is a highly desirable product bursting with warm golden, natural oak tones. It makes a fantastic addition to any living space or commercial interior due to its uncompromising durability and elegant aesthetic. The registered embossed ‘truegrain’ lacquered finish gives this floor the amazing look and feel of a genuine hardwood floor, but without the hassle of maintenance, while boasting the outstanding resilience of a rigid luxury vinyl board. Bring together an otherwise plain interior with this stunning vinyl surface. The wooden appearance will be the highlight of the room. Plus, it is a versatile floor; it is at home in commercial spaces too. Combine with neutral colours and deluxe fittings to create a welcoming and elegant space. Warm Hessian PLF4256


Revel in a Blanched Carbon Interior

Steel grey tones intertwine with darker shades within the faux wood grain of this deluxe Blanched Carbon floor. Tough and trustworthy, this surface will not let you down in terms of stylish appeal or unparalleled durability. For a modern interior that will be the envy of your friends, combine this premium floor with brighter purples and plush fittings. The floor has the natural aspect of wood flooring but without the difficulties of upkeep. The floor’s versatility also means that it looks great in commercial spaces, while its unrivalled resilience means that it will outwear any wooden floor. Practical and easy to maintain, use this floor in bathrooms, living spaces and bedrooms alike. Blanched Carbon PLF4264


Create a Silvery Clay Living Space

This Silvery Clay floor bursts with tonality and different shades of grey. Its faux knots and wood grain provide a charming aesthetic, while the floor’s lacquered finish means that it will outlast and outperform most hardwood surfaces. Bring your interior to life with a vinyl surface that’s brimming with character and personality. Perfect for commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants and bars, this floor is highly resilient. Scratch and scuff-proof and easily cleaned, it withstands anything life throws at it, making it ideal for family homes with messy children. Why no try using this floor in your new bathroom? It will work exceptionally well and give an aesthetic with lasting appeal. Combine with bold coloured upholstery and striking artwork, as pictured; doing so will make a stunning interior. Silvery Clay PLF4262 Click Lock


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